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Toby Prevost

Head of Statistics, ICTU

Toby Prevost is Head of Statistics in ICTU, and Professor of Medical Statistics and Clinical Trials at Imperial. With over fifteen years trials experience, he has been a co-investigator in more than twenty randomised trials in a variety of therapeutic areas, funded principally by NIHR, though also MRC, CRUK, Diabetes UK, and Wellcome Trust.

Previously, at King’s College London, he gained specific experience in adaptive design for early phase trials, and in designing and collaborating in larger Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation (EME) and Health Technology Assessment (HTA) trials. Before this, he worked in posts in Cambridge in a statistical consulting unit, a primary care research unit, and the MRC Biostatistics unit, in the development and evaluation of trials of complex interventions.

Toby has a strong statistical consulting background and has research interests around trial design and valuing and interpreting research evidence. He is a member of the NIHR Public Health Research Funding Board, and has worked in NICE Advisory Committees since 2008.

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