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An open label randomised multicentre controlled trial of RITUXImab and mycophenolate mofetil (MMF) without oral steroids for the treatment of LUPus nephritis

Design and Objective

This is a 1:1 randomised, international open label, controlled phase III multicentre trial Objectives: 1) Is the combination of Rituximab, Methyl prednisolone and MMF as effective in treating lupus nephritis as Methyl prednisolone, oral steroids and MMF? 2) Does the omission of oral steroids increase the safety of the treatment regimen?

Key inclusion criteria

Children (12 years and above) and adults with lupus nephritis ISN/RPS Class III A or A/C, Class IV-G A or A/C, Class IV-S A or A/C, and/or Class V with a urine protein/creatinine ratio (PCR) ≥ 100mg/mmol.

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